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It was 2011 when everything changed.

It was then that I began to find the violation of the stalking perpetrated on me daily by on-line corporations unacceptable.

I could no longer bear to see my identity violated_stolen_exploited_sold.

I would throw these Predators off the scent.


In anger but also with a certain kind of pleasure, I immediately began to create four different identities on the social networks_ what I called < DIGITAL EGOS >.

Human beings with faces_ genders_ names_families _friends_jobs_ pastimes_life styles and attitudes.

That satisfied me for a while.


But while I was managing these <DIGITAL EGOS> I realised it wasn’t enough for me to regain my dignity.

The fight was taking place at a financial level and it was on that level that I had to win.

The only thing was to sell my ‘products’ in the same way that they wanted to exploit me_ but to do that I needed to have the same protection to act freely that the predators have_ I needed a <TRADEMARK>.


With the protection of a registered trademark I could now stand out from the crowd and sell <MY  OTHER EGOS>  go from exploited to exploiter. And where else could I do this but in the same area beaten by the Predators?


The advertising campaign <IDENTITY FOR SALE> was simple and effective_nobody realised that behind something that looked like a joke_was a real trade_ except of course those who were already used to dealing in human identities.

All Images and Original Text ©2011-2016 Solo Moles

All Images and Original Text ©2011-2016 Solo Moles

All Images and Original Text ©2011-2016 Solo Moles

All Images and Original Text ©2011-2016 Solo Moles



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