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Solo Moles Installation Project 2013

Who decides how we go forward?

Who determines if a technology is adopted?

Who determines when and how it will be deployed?

Who has the rights to your data?

Who speaks for us?

How do we speak for ourselves?


In the future, the massive international connected spy grid will make similar decisions with or without the intervention of a human being. Individuals will find themselves under arrest based on artificial intelligence analysis of databases. In some jurisdictions, people have been targeted for surveillance and arrest based on a belief by law enforcement that they may commit a crime. The storage of massive amounts of personal data will make such «pre-crime» enforcement a common occurrence.

What has been called the «Brave New World», «1984», and «New World Order» is longer speculative, it is a reality. Big Brother exists in Utah and he is spying on every single person on the planet.


Data Banks
Utah Data Center on a National Guard bas


I tuoi dati sono stati inviati con successo!

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