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The distant words

of dormant senses.

Sentries stand

guard on the horizon

Changing uniform

by the hour.

Faithful guardians

of the island’s secret

The choice of the diptych was motivated by the intention of going beyond the image and giving shape to the <Intangible>.

I wanted to pass the figurative language to identify the plastic one, where the topological order of the photographs and their influence on each other flowed into another level of expression, into the poetry of the <Intangible>.

I have always believed that there is a “traveller instinct” which leads restless souls to “the right place” in order to discover answers and meet similar appearances, so rare in the existential desert of the metropolitan spaces.

Places far from human presence, where to lay down the arms, let nature console us and surrender to the <Intangible>.

Marettimo was The Place and from the very first days I sensed the irresistible and almost exhausting urge to decipher the magnetism that pervaded that narrow strip of land.

I accepted the limitation of minimal photographic equipment to climb higher up the island and my soul, until I connected with the poetry of the <Intangible>.

Before catching it in my images, I allowed myself to be totally captured by its  secret. 


Marettimo, 24 agosto 2005 



The Canvas Book was made for the Museum of the Sea of Marettimo Island

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